Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Lina Tonia

Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Lina Tonia


1. Where and how did you find out about the 5 Minutes Opera Competition?

I was looking for a composition competition on internet and I found very interesting the idea to write a miniature opera.

2. Did you have any previous knowledge about Music Biennale Zagreb?

I know that there is a long history around  the Music Biennale in Zagreb  which prove the importance of this institution. The hospitality of great composers and the continually productive operation give a unique meaning to this Biennale.


3. Did you have any previous experience in composing for stage?

The first time I composed for stage was in 2008. when I participated to Thessaloniki’s Opera Festival in Greece, where I had to write an opera for children dedicated to a fairytale. Then I decided to select the opera writing as a  theme of my PhD in Composition  and I wrote the opera "Alma", based on a libretto of Alma’s Mahler life. Finally, I had one more experience after a selection in a composition competition of Greek National Opera where I wrote the “Expelled”, an opera in one action which awarded and performed in Athens, June 2012.

4. What kind of challenge was it for you to compose a 5 minute opera?

One of the most important thing in opera is the theme of the libretto, and the challenge for me was to find an interesting story that could be integrated in few lines! In the same time I knew that I didn’t want a real story but an imaginary role of a truth, because I feel that this suits better to my sense of music.


5. Have you ever been in Croatia and do you plan to come to Zagreb to the premiere of your piece?

I have never been in Croatia and I feel very happy to come on this Biennale.